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ADSL = Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line

AGP = Accelerated Graphics Port

AI = Artificial Intelligence

ALU = Aritmetic Logic Unit

ANSI = American National Standard Institute

ARJ = Archive by Robert Jung

ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange

AT = Advanced Technology

ATA = AT Attachment

ATM = Adobe Type Manager

ATM = Asynchronous Transfer Mode

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BASIC = Beginners Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BBS = Bulletin Board System

BCD = Binary Coded Decimal

BIOS = Basic InputOutput System

bit = binary digit

bmp = bitmap

bps = bits per second

byte = by eight

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CAD = Computer Aided Design

CAI = Computer Assisted Instruction

CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing

CASE = Computer Aided Software Engineering

CCITT = Comité Consultatif International des Télégraphique

CD = Compact Disk

CD-ROM = Compact Disk Read Only Memory

CGI = Common Gateway Interface

CIM = Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CISC = Complex Instruction Set Computing

CMOS = Complementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor

CMYK = Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

CNA = Certified Novell Administrator

CNE = Certified Novell Engineer

CPU = Central Processing Unit

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D/A = Digital/Analog

DI = Datainspektionen

DIMM = Dual Inline Memory Module

DIN = Deutsche Industrie Normen

DLL = Dynamic Link Library

DMA = Direct Memory Access

DNS = Domain Name Server

DOS = Disk Operating System

DPI = Dots Per Inch

DSSS = Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

DTM = Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode

DTP = Desktop Publishing

DVD = Digital Video Disk / Digital Versatile Disk

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ECDL = European Computer Driving Licence

ECC = Error Correcting Code

ECP = Enhanced Capability Port

EDI = Electronic Data Interchange

EDO = Extended Data Out

EGA = Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EIA = Electronic Industries Association

EIDE = Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

EISA = Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture

EOF = End Of File

EPP = Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM = Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

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FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FF = Form Feed

FIFO = First In First Out

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

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GIF = Graphic Interchange Format

GSM = Global System for Mobile Communication

GUI = Graphic User Interface

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HD = High Density

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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IC = Integrated Circuit

IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics

IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IP = Internet Protocol

IPX = Internetwork Packet Exchange

IRC = Internet Relay Chat

IRQ = Interrupt Request

ISA = Industry Standard Architecture

ISP = Internet Service Provider

ISDN = Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO = International Standards Organization

ITU = International Telecommunications Union

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JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group

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LAN = Local Area Network

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display

LED = Light Emitting Diode

LF = Line Feed

LPT = Line Printer

LQ = Letter Quality

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MCA = Micro Channel Architecture

MCP = Microsoft Certified Professional

MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MIPS = Million Instructions Per Second

MODEM = Modulator/Demodulator

MOS = Metal Oxid Semiconductor

MPC = Multimedia Personal Computer

MPEG = Motion Picture Experts Group

MS = Microsoft

MSDE = Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine / Microsoft Data Engine

MSIE = Microsoft Internet Explorer

MSN = Microsoft Network

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NLQ = Near Letter Quality

NMS = Net Messaging Server

NT = New Technology

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OCR = Optical Character Recognition

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

OLE = Object Linking and Embedding

OPAC = Online Pubic Access Catalog

OS = Operating System

OSI = Open Systems Interconnection

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PC = Personal Computer

PCI = Peripheral Component Interconnect local-bus architecture

PCMCIA = PC Memory Card International Association

PD = Public Domain

PDC = Primary Domain Controler

PGP = Pretty Good Privacy

PIO = Parallell In Out

POST = Power-On Self Test

PPP = Point to Point Protocol

PROM = Programmable Read Only Memory

PS/2 = Personal System/2

PVC = Permanent Virtual Circuits

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RAM = Random Access Memory

RIP = Routing Information Protocol

RISC = Reduced Instruction Set Computing

ROM = Read Only Memory

RTF = Rich Text Format

RWM = Read Write Memory

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SCSI = Small Computer System Interface

SDRAM = Synchronous Dynamic RAM

SIMM = Single Inline Memory Module

SIS = Standardiseringskommissionen I Sverige

SLIP = Serial Line Internet Protocol

SMS = Short Message Service

SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNMP = Simple Network Management Protocol

SPA = Software Publishers Association

Spool = Simultaneous Peripheral Operations OnLine

SPX = Sequenced Packet Exchange

SQL = Standard Query Language

STP = Shielded Twisted Pair

SUNET = Swedish University Computer Network

SVGA = Super Video Graphics Array

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TCP = Transmission Control Protocol

TDM = Time Division Multiplexing

TFT = Thin Film Transistor

TGIF = Tactical Ground Intercept Facility

TGIF = Thank God It's Friday

TIFF = Tagged Image File Format

TSR = Terminate and Stay Resident

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UAC = User Account Control

UART = Universal Asynchronous Reciver Transmitter

UIC = Universal Image Code

ULS = User Location Server

UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

USB = Universal Serial Bus

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VB = Visual Basic

VBA = Visual Basic for Applications

VBX = Visual Basic Extensions

VCPI = Virtual Control Program Interface

VESA = Video Electronics Standard Association

VGA = Video Graphics Array

VHD = Very High Density

VLB = VESA Local Bus

VRAM = Video RAM

VRML = Virtual Reality Modeling Language

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WAN = Wide Area Network

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

WWW = World Wide Web

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XT = Extended Technology

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ZIF = Zero Insertion Force

ZISC = Zero Instruction Set Computers

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